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Advance Open Water Course

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver is designed to improve your underwater knowledge and skills. You can enrol immediately after earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification regardless of your skill level. The course helps you build confidence in navigation, fine-tune buoyancy skills and introduces you to different diving activities such as night diving, search and recovery and navigation. After completing your theory, you'll make five Adventure Dives: a deep dive (beyond 18m), a navigation dive, peak performance buoyance dive, night dive and search and recovery dive.

Quick overview of the PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Course
  • Review  the Advanced Open Water Theory and then boat based scuba dives in Hermanus

  • You must have your PADI Open Water certification to do this scuba course

  • Duration: 5 dives (minimum 2 days)

  • Certification allows you to go up to 30 metres deep.

  • Bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and a snack.


  • Deep Diving speciality – on this scuba dive we take you deeper than 18 meters (to a maximum of 30 meters) and we teach you how to deal with things like Nitrogen narcosis and ascending and descending correctly from deeper depths.  You will experience how some colours disappear the deeper you go as well as what happens to different objects at depth due to the pressure difference. Diving deeper than 18 meters is a really valuable skill for any diver, especially if you want to visit deeper wrecks or reefs. 

  • Underwater Navigation– Knowing where you are going and how to navigate is important when you are scuba diving. The navigation skills learnt during this course will benefit you throughout your diving career. 

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Scuba Diving – good buoyancy is an essential skill that is used on every single scuba dive that you do. Good buoyancy skills will improve your air consumption, your comfort under water and will also help you to protect the delicate sea life!

  • Search and Recovery Diving – as a diver, you might have to recover something that has been lost in the water. During this scuba dive we teach you different search patterns, and also how to bring heavy objects out of the water by using a lifting bag. 

  • Night Diving – Diving at night adds a whole new element  to your dive! Think you have seen all there is to see? It's amazing what goes bump in the night! We take our underwater torches and we go and look which animals come out at night. Different animals come out at night in the sea and others go to sleep!


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